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What’s new

Lovin the Brunch Burger! With “Oneills” black pudding, crisp bacon, fried egg, smoked cheddar and sweet tomato relish! Yum! Like and Share for our monthly prize draw!

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Get your hands dirty with this one… Double beef with smoked cheddar, brie, honey roast onion, mustard mayo and crisp bacon. Smothered with mustard mayo!!! Yummy! Like and Share for our prize draw!

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Happy International Cheeseburger day!!!! From all of us at Karoo. X We’re celebrating with a trio of mini burgers… Like and Share for our prize draw!

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Something healthy… Asian style pan fried prawns on chopped salad with sesame seeds, and wasabi dressing! Yummy! Like and Share for our prize draw!

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Who we are

The Karoo of South Africa is nestled in an idyllic landscape with rolling hills that lay alongside farmlands in an environment of extreme temperatures….Kinda like Killinick without the extreme heat then!

Growing up in Cape Town I would have never have guessed that my travels would lead me to the charming village of Killinick with my own little slice of Africa. Don’t be fooled by the Africanisms though, the idea for Karoo was to create an environment where people could get away from all the frills and hype of “Run of the mill Eateries”. At Karoo what you see is what you get. Big, bold coffees made with a unique blend of coffee beans. Generous portions of tasty sarnies and salads to fill the gap in the afternoon, and homemade treats for after lunch or… just for a treat. As well as the fresh produce in the farmshop, we also have some great gift ideas so you can take a slice of “Karoo” away with you.

Whatever reason you may decide to head to Karoo, you’ll be glad you did.